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    About the missing SDcard module again...

      I am really interested to find out whether there is any actual work in progress on bringing the SD card support in PSoC Designer again.


      The matter has been discussed many times, the users clearly wanted the UM back as in today's world any lack of support of large memory such as the SD cards is a huge disadvantage for the platform.


      It is well known there has been some issues with the module, yet Cypress show disturbing reluctance to fix them quickly and return it back in use? I would like to know is the reason market-related, something like by taking away functionality from PSoC1 to make an attempt to force the users to switch to PSoC3 or 5? If that is the case, well that's really bad as PSoC1 has significant support by developers who for one reason or another can't or don't want to switch to 8051 or ARM platforms.


      There is no tools to make petitions in this forum, but in any case I would like to find out what the real situation is.