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    universal digital blocks

      Hi, I am totaly new to PSoC so I'm looking for a little help. I wish to interface two eight channel ADCs and a memory via SPI to the PSoC3 chip. First of all can I program the chip to have 16 ADC input channels or its only limited to one? Also can the chip support three or more SPI master blocks?




      Thanks very much.

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          Hi kineses,




          PSoC 3 has one Delta Sigma ADC. You can use this as a multi - channel ADC by using an Analog multiplexer.




          The schematic will look something like this.








          The input to the analog multiplexer could be a signal internal to the chip too (like from Voltage DAC, etc). The Analog multiplexer could be chosen according to your requirement. It could be:


          1) Analog Hardware multiplexer: It has select line terminals. The input signal should be from analog Port Pins (Internal Signals not allowed).


          2) Analog Multiplexer (Software): In this, the channel should be selected in firmware. The input to the multiplexer can be a signal external to the chip (from port pins) or internal to the chip (like from Voltage DAC, Opamp, PGA, etc).


          3) Analog Multiplexer Sequencer : This is is a special case of the above mentioned Mux, in which the next channel will be selected in sequence.

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            You can add multiple SPI Master components into your single design.


            With the UDBs available, it is possible to have 4 SPI Masters in a single PSoC. The constraint will be the availability of Digital resources.




            Once you have done your design, you can check the amount of resources utilized (both analog and digital), by looking into the report file (.rpt) in the "Results" tab of the Workspace.

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              Thanks for the detailed replies. Appriciate your help

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                I just dropped two SPI-Slaves onto a CY8C3866-chip and it built without errors. So its possible to have more than one SPI module in use, acting as a bridge or whatever you want.


                As a newbee (as you said) I would suggest you to get hands on a kit 001 which not only contains a PSoC 3 Module, but a PSoC1 and a PSoC5 exchangeable processor module as well. If you need very high analog precision (more than 16 bits accuracy) I would prefer a Kit-030 which is optimized for low noise etc.


                Before you start, you may download and install PSoC Creator 2.0 software package which allows you to easily browser though the modules provided and having a look at the datasheets and even start to build your application. Later on, with a miniprog3 module (provided with the Kit001 as well) you can single-step, watch variables and set breakpoints in your program.




                All I can say is: Welcome in the exiting world of PSoC



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                  Is the miniprog3 good for PSoC 3. EZColor and CiFi? Thanks.

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                    You must distinguish between PSoC 1 and PSoC3 and 5. To have debug-capabilities for PSoC 1 you need an in-circuit-emulator and a POD. The ICE-Cube (search here for availability and pricing) interfaces the PC and the POD, the POD contains a special version of your PSoC1-chip (remember, there are many different ones) and gets plugged in or soldered to your board. When the count of units for your project is high I would suggest to use (if it fits) a PSoC1 otherwise I would gladly accept the comfort of a PSoC3 or 5.



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                      PSoC3 and PSoC5 are more developer friendly, all you need is the minprog3 and your own board. We used to use PSoC1 but would prefer to use PSoC3/5 now as it is much better for project development, for our own project that uses a few thousand a year, PSoC3/5 is best.

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                        Programming of PSoC 3/5 can be done using SWD (Serial Wire Debug) or JTAG whereas EZColor and CyFi is programmed using ISSP.


                        Miniprog supports both the modes of programming.


                        The 10-pin header is for SWD and JTAG. It supports both programming and debug. The 5-pin header is for ISSP which is used for programming but not debug. As Bob has mentioned, you'll have to use ICE Cube for debugging those device.

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                          So which one is good for programming all these devices? Or every device has its specific programmer? Also I would like to interface 12 sensors to the adc inside the psoc. If I use the Analog Hardware multiplexer to the adc with multi sample mode, how can I then sample a low quality speech in continuous mode? Is it possible to add another ADC block?Thanks.

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                            Adding to the post above, I suppose that the PSoC 3 only supports 1 adc block, so to tackle the 2 mode problem, will adding another configuration to the same adc help. I mean config 1 will be to set the mutli sample mode while config 2 will be for the continuous mode. Hence routing the speech signal in the analog mux then change between the configs as needed.

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                               1. As mentioned above, you need an ICE and POD for debuggin of PSoC1, you can use the miniporg3 for debugging as PSoC3/5 has build in debugging feature.


                              2. For programming of the chip(not debugging), minporg3 can program all PSoCs, but the minprog can only program PSoC1.


                              3. PSoC5 can have extra SAR ADC, if cost is not aissues, you can use it.


                              4. You can build low/medium speed ADC with build in DAC of PSoC3.

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                                Please, need more help on which programmer to buy for the CY8C38 Family and CY8CLED02.


                                Has any one ever implemented the transmitter/ receiver in the app note AN60594? Is the system described good for RF use?

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                                   MiniProg3 is a common programmer that can be used for CY8CLED02 and  CY8C38 Family. You can buy Miniprog3 here, http://www.cypress.com/?rID=38154