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    New component Pack available now, hit the update button !

      This package will add components to the installed PSoC Creator but WILL NOT change the PSoC Creator tool itself. A project created with PSoC Creator 2.0 :will not be modified through installation of a component pack!


      Some noteworthy components of this release are:
           emFile FAT File System for SD Cards
           emWin Graphics Library
           Resistive Touch for use with emWin
           IIR (Biquad) support added to the Filter component


      To download the component pack, open PSoC Creator 2.0
      Open any project
      Select Project -> Update Components (Project Name)
      Now select all components
      To update downloading the whole package including Creator, click on the image to the right


        Our Filter guru, Kendall Castor-Perry says


      "At last!  The first Component Pack for PSoC Creator 2.0 (which you really should be using if you haven't upgraded yet).  No code changes, just some great new components.  Main thing I'm excited about it the new Filter component, which now supports IIR filters, and custom coefficient entry.  It's had a lot of detail work done to it on the FIR side as well.  It's not the last word in filter design software - not enough time and resources to achieve that lofty goal  But it's pretty good in some respects - and your feedback can make it even better in future releases.  So, go get it, try it out, let me know the good and bad things about it."


      It definitely is a great news. The new features available in filters is of special interest to me.