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    Interrupt problem (beginner)


      I am beginner with PSoC 5 and I started with a simple project.


      I want to toggle a diode (Pin_2 on the schematics) with a push-button (Pin_1 on the schematics). In order to do that I am using GlitchFilter to debounce the push button.


      Everything works just fine when I step through the program with a debugger, but as soon as I run the program, it stops working. It enters the interrupt just once and then stops working. It looks like interrupt routine do not respond. And there is no difference if interrupt is triggered as "rising edge" or "derived", it does the some thing.


      I hope that some of you can see what the problem is.


      Here are design, and code for main.c and isr_1.c (interrupt routine).


      Thanx in advance.