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    PSoC3 CY8CKIT-001 and CY3271-EXP1 PSoC Weather Station

      Can someone please help me, I would like to program the CY3271-EXP1 PSoC Weather Station board by using MiniProg3 so that I can take the reading of surrounding light intensity and then sent the reading through serial comms to an application I wrote and stored the data then draw it out into a graph. May I know if this is do-able using PSoC Creator 2.0 instead of PSoC Designer?? May i know how to setup the Weather Station with the miniprog3 and how to make the Weather Station Board work? I tried to connect Pin 1,3,5,7,9 of the Weather Station Board to the Miniprog3 5-Pin Interface but when i select debug target PSoC Creator 2.0 could not detect any device.