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    8-bit Serial Communication

       I'm trying to read data from the windows hyperterminal and display it on an LCD but was stuck with this code


      Can u please help, the zipped file is posted below. Thank you guys 

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          First : do you use a level-shifter (Max232 or similar) to convert the 0-5V fromPSoC to +- 12V used for the serial interface on a PC?


          It looks a bit that your Baud-rate is off the usual settings. I would prefer to use a 16-bit timer to generate baud-rate, makes you a bit independant from the VC1,2 and 3 dividers.


          You are using the command-feature implemented in software which is (yet) no longer supported in PSoC3 and 5. This feature "eats" some of your characters you type which you may not want. I would suggest to try:


          Disable the RxCmdBuffer


          Do not enable the Interrupt.


          Remove all references to  CmdReset()


          Do not test the status for a hex-value, use RX8_RX_COMPLETE instead, this helps when using different hardware.


          Hope that helps



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            I just see, I have forgotten to disable the command-buffer.



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