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    INDEX instruction to area/symbol out of range



      I am programming the PSoC with different ADCs on various configurations (using Dynamic Reconfiguration). Also, I have the base configuration with an UART, a DAC and a COUNTER modules, because I want to use them in all the configurations. The modules aren't in conflict between them and the project was working until I have added the DAC and the COUNTER. My idea is to use them to generate some signals. I have used the Example_DAC_ADC of the PSoC support in order to add this two modules, I also have added the SinTable.asm file needed to generate the signal. The problem is that when I compile/build the project I have the following error:


      I compared the different files that compose the project and I don't know how to solve it. Anybody have some idea about this error?






      !E counter8_1int.asm(2655): {linker} INDEX instruction to area/symbol 'SINtable' out of range