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    Trouble with Static LCD API v2.0

      when writing a 7 segment number to my LCD I get an unexpected result when using leading zero mode.


      The code:




      produces the expected output " 753" on my LCD, howver, the code:




      results in '0750'


      On further examination, if the command is continually re-executed, the last digit flickers between 0 and 3 looking like an 8.


      Can someone confirm this is a bug?

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          I initiated a support case and they were able to identify an error in LCD_SegStat_1_Write7SegNumber(), Briefly, this was the solution:




          "Actually, i just changed the line "for(i = position; i <= LCD_SegStat_1_digitNum_0; i++)" to "for(i = position; i < LCD_SegStat_1_digitNum_0; i++)". No other modification."


          I presume it will eventually be fixed in a component library update.