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    Noob in loading the firmware into CY7C68013A



      We are trying to build a USB 2.0 based webcamera using the CY7C68013A chip as the USB high speed transceiver chip. I am responsible for implementing the PCB design of the camera. I wanted to know whether it was possible to download the firmware to the CY7C68013A chip through the USB cable of the camera once all the components are soldered on the the PCB, or is it advised to first load in the firmware into the CY7C68013A chip via some external h/w intetrface (like a JTAG USB etc.) and then solder the chip onto the main PCB. Honestly, I am a bit new to programming cypress USB chips so my question might seem a bit trivial, but any guidance (in the form of documentation/ older forum posts) is appreciated.