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    Using the Switch Mode Pump (SMP) in PSoC 3 with 1.5V coin cell battery

      Hello all,


      Does anyone have experience in using a PSoC 3 device with a 1.5V coin cell battery?


      What are the considerations to use the SMP feature to boost the 1.5V to perhaps 3.3V?


      I'm quite new to PSoC development and I'm interested in the low power features of PSoC 3 devices,





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          Hi Antonio,




          You must use the "Boost Converter" component in your PSoC Creator project.


          The configuration window will allow you to specify the input and output voltages and the switching frequencies.




          Which Kit are you using to evaluate this feature?


          Cypress kits CY8CKIT-001 and CY8CKIT-030 has inductor and diode mounted on it.


          If you are using CY8CKIT-030, then to enable the boost convertor functionality, make the following hardware changes on the board.

          1. Populate resistors R25, R27, R29, and R31
          3. Ensure that R1 and R28 are not populated
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            Which coin cell are you inteding to use. When you use a Boost converter the parameter that is of concern is the current that the coin cell can source. In your case, since the Boost ratio is two(3/1.5), assuming 100% efficiency the coin cell should be capable of delivering the twice the current that is required for the load. Generally efficiencies are close to 90% and hence the input current should be even higher to get the same voltage. So what you need to be looking at is what is going to be the current consumed by the chip and any other load in active mode. Vased on this you can make an estimate of what current needs to be deliverd by the coin cell. Generally the CR2302s can provide a peak current anywhere between 1.5mA and 15mA. So if you need additional current you could have multiple coin cells in parallel. Or may be even a capacitor in parallel to the cell can boost the current. 

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