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    Wireless Energy Metering using ZigBee and GSM

       I am designing an automatic reading system using ZigBee and GSM technology. I am using PSoC3 kit for development.


      Please help me designing Meter Interface Unit.

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          Hi Yash1,




          Can you please throw more light on the kind of interface you are interested in using.


          As far as I know, Zigbee uses UART as communication protocol. This interface can be done using PSoC 3.


          For interfacing with GSM modem, you can refer to the forum post which discusses the GSM interface here  http://www.cypress.com/?app=forum&id=2232&rID=52896

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            I thiink not all Zigbee modules use UART as the communication interface. Few Zigbee chips work with SPI. Could you give us more information on what interface you will need for Zigbee? Have you decided on which Zigbee module to use. As far as GSM module interface is concerned you can refer to the link mentioned above. Please provide more information abou the energy metering and how you are trying to implment it.

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              I will be interfacing with UART.


               Can I use (i)XBee ZB Zigbee modules or (ii) CC2520/CC2530 modules?


              Would it be compitible to use it with PSoC 3 ?


              And also will it require any other components for interfacing?


              I have attached the block diagram of my system here.


              Please refer to it and guide me for system.


              Also what else tools / components will I require ?







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                As far as PSoC is concerned, interfacing PSoC with XBEE as well as CC250 modules is very much possible.


                Interfacing PSoC3 with XBEE XB modules can be done easily using the UART component available in PSoC Creator. The only thing that needs to be taken care of, is the BAUD; they should match. The data to be tramsitted can be directly dumped to XBEE and XBEE will do the packetisation and encryption. The XBEE modules come embedded with firmware for mesh networking is what I beleieve.


                The CC2250 modules can talk to PSoC over SPI interface. The difficulty with these modules might be that, you have form your own zigbee packets/commands and so on. 


                If you intend to develop using PSoC, my suggestion would be buy something that is cheap. Since PSoC provides all the necessary digital and analog resources, I would spend extra bucks on the analog resource avaialable with XBEE. When you buy XBEE, you pay additional cost for the mesh network, the ADC and digital IOs. When PSoC can provide you all this, go for just a zigbee transceiver.

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                  Sir,  Can you suggest some of zigbee tranceivers?


                  It would be of great of help because I am using ZigBee first time..

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                     If you just want to use XBEE and do not care about cost, you can go for XBEEs. They are easy to use.