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    what is wrong to install driver automatically in windows 7 platform?


      i have an application with cy68013 with high speed, and with a driver ezloader.sys and myusb.sys,  i use the devcon.exe tool to install the driver software first , which means don't connect incoming USB data cable, the devcon.exe would find ezloader.sys.. under windows xp platform. it would install properly. later when i connect the usb cable, the second step of driver, i.e. myusb.sys would be installed automatically.


      but, this won't work under windows 7 platform.. i reprogramed all the drivers. mannually using windows controlling board: devide managment, the drivers: ezloader.sys and myusb.sys works properly, which means the drivers themselvies are alright.


      but when i try to install the driver automatically.(programingly with devcon.exe in VC), the devcon would install ezloader. when i connect the usb cable, the window 7 cann't find the second part of driver: i.e. myusb.sys.. it refers to c:\users\Documents and Settings\ to try to find the driver. (which is under c:\windows\system32\drivers). of course it failed.. i have to mannually change the search path to find the driver.


      what's wrong with that? the inf file is the same with under windows xp.. how can i correct this program?


      i am trying to make the driver installed programmingly, i.e automatically.. the problems here different with CyUSB.sys is that i have two steps driver to install.(i don't want to change the driver to CyUSB.sys yet)..


      any suggestions? your help is much appreciated. it baffered me awhile now.

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          Are you using CyUSB.sys or ezusb.sys?


          Are you using Windows 7 32-bit to 64-bit OS?


          The 64-bit version does not allow unsigned driver to be installed (or load to system folders it gives error during installation, I'm surprised it is even allowing you to copy the files.





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            thanks for your reply, Aasi.


            i am using ezusb.sys, not CyUSB.sys.. under using windows 7 32bit platform.


            because ezusb.sys need the guider driver ezloader.sys. that's why i said this driver are two steps.. with one inf file.


            when i use devcon.exe with inf as parameters, the program can find the ezloader.sys correctly, but when i plug in the usb cable, it won't find the second part. (i am sure the correct vid/pid are already downloaded into the chip throuth ezloader.sys). the windows 7 just try to searh the wrong path. the drivers(ezload.sys and ezusb.sys) are correct since i can mannually install them and they works fine.




            i don't know how to guid system to automatically find the second part of driver, i.e. ezusb.sys. as long as the system find ezusb.sys, it load and works fine..  adding "set path = c:\windows\system32\drivers", which is where the ezusb.sys and inf file is, wound not work..


            any suggestions? thank you very much!