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    About the USB component's function setting in PSoC5



      I have same question about the USB function setting in my project ,and the details are as follow:


      1.In my project, i want to use the USB component to communicate between my DVK and WIN7 PC,


          dunring the running time,the DVK sends message to PC,and then PC deals with message, after that


          PC display the result(such as plot point or line) in MS paint!


      2.And the attached file describes the problem more detailed, and the project can plot line continually!


      3.Thanks for you kindly reply!

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          Hello there !


          I took a look at your project. Before proceeding further. Are you trying to use PSoC as a Touch or pen like device ?

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             In HID descriptors, according to the HID usage table provided by USBIF, when the Physical maximum and Physical minimum are given by,




            if  ((Physical Maximum == UNDEFINED) || (Physical Minimum == UNDEFINED)   || ((Physical Maximum == 0) && (Physical Minimum == 0))) 



             Physical Maximum  = Logical Maximum; 


             Physical Minimum = Logical Minimum; 






            which implies that the physical maximum and physical minimum are same as your logical maximum and logical minimum.

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               Some more finding....




              The report descriptor has a top-level collection with two embedded logical collections. Each one represents data that can be received from each contact detected. Note that the actual count usage is not in either logical collection. This report descriptor lets the device report all contact information (in this case, a maximum of two) in one packet.

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                Thanks for you kindly reply!


                This project wants to set the PSoC5 device as a touch or pen like device controller,and the device can draw lines in the paint automatically.


                And in device class defination for HID device, it mentions the formula as you said, but how can i unserstand the RESOLUTION following: resolution=(logical maximum-logical minimum) / ((physical maximum-physical minimum) *(10uint exponent)).


                As for the two logical collection,they do report the two touch point information on the PSoC system,but which confuses me in the project are "usage(in range) 09 32", which 32 present Z in usage table, and the following report count(6).