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    Problem with programing psoc3; "Avaible fo use Unacquired."



      I have a problem with programming CY8C3866AXI-040ES2 on my own pcb board.


      When i go to program menu (ctrl + f5), i can see that my device is seen, but ther is also message: "Avaible fo use Unacquired."


      When i go with pointer on device name, it shows also massage: "Unable to read memory, Debug anable is not set, Click Port Acquire to to reset the chip and enale debug. When I do it, nothing is happening, still the same error."


      And last think, when i double click on device on this programing menu i've got: "Unable to read the silicon revision for target device 'unknown target'. Click Port Acquire to reset the chip."


      I have no idea what can I do now.




      Please help,