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    [BCM20732] SPIFFY2 Slave and Peripheral UART

      Hi sirs,


      If I want to keep both interface exist, can I arrange the pin assignment as follow?


      SPIFFY2 -> CS(P02), SCLK(P03), MOSI(P00) and MISO(P05).

      UART -> RXD(P4), TXD(P32)


      I read the BCM920732_HW_Application_Note and have a question about the restrictions.


      If a peripheral UART is also being used by the application, the SPIFFY2 signals and peripheral UART RX signal must be on the lower pad bank (P0 through P7) or on the upper pad bank (P24 through P39). Thus, SPIFFY1 or SPIFFY2, and peripheral UART RX, cannot be on two different pad banks.



      What does it exactly means?


      Best regards,