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    how to use multiple in transfer?

      Hi, everyone.


      I'd like to use multiple in transfer in my VC code. Here is the example:


      UCHAR  *inContext1 = BulkInEpt1->BeginDataXfer(m_pImageBuffer1, length, &inOvLap1);
       UCHAR  *inContext2 = BulkInEpt1->BeginDataXfer(m_pImageBuffer2, length, &inOvLap2); 




        BulkInEpt1->FinishDataXfer(m_pImageBuffer1, length, &inOvLap1,inContext1);
       BulkInEpt1->FinishDataXfer(m_pImageBuffer2, length, &inOvLap2,inContext2);


      This is the case that one endpint for two buffer, I also used four endpoints for four buffer. I also used one inovlap for two buffer.


      But the outcomes are the same----time out. whereas one endpoint to one buffer the speed can be 33MB/s.


      so how to use multiple pipes to transfer data in one programme?