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    Kit Upgrade Program

       Hi All,





      PSoC 3 kits now ship with Production silicon. If you have bought a CY8CKIT-001 or a CY8CKIT-003, then your PSoC 3 kit may be in need of an upgrade.    



      Cypress Semiconductors would like to thank you for being loyal a Cypress Customer, and as an appreciation for your loyalty we invite you to upgrade your kit for free at www.cypress.com/go/psoc3kitupgrade    



      On the website you will find directions on how to upgrade your kit, if you have any questions you can e mail me at Jeffrey.musante@cypress.com    










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           Hi Everyone,


          I just wanted to remind everyone that if you have not upgraded your Development Kit with the latest version of PSoC 3 you can do so at  www.cypress.com/go/psoc3kitupgrade.


          Anyone who has a CY8CKIT-001 PSoC Development Kit might have an old PSoC 3 Processor Module and this is the place to upgrade that kit to use the production version of silicon.


          If anyone has a CY8CKIT-003 First Touch Kit we want to give you the option to get the full PSoC 3 Development Kit, thats a 100 dollar value, you can do more then just blink LEDs you will have the full power of PSoC 3 at your disposal. 


          Shipping and taxes are not included but the kit is absolutly free.





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             That link does not work any more, yet it was just posted to the Creator 2.x Startup Page on March 1st.


            I have some ES2 PSoC 3 Kits which I'd like to upgrade, can anyone give me the correct link?