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    Multi FX2 devices parallel access

      I have 2 FX2 devices with different PIDs. Is it possible to open 2 of them for parallel control. If it so please advice how to do it



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                 Yes, It is. Please explain your requirement in detail so that we can help you more.

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            Hi PRJI, thanks for your help.


            Here is the situation: I have 2 controller boards which use CY7C68013A for controlling communication with PC. They are the same VID but different PID, thus CyUSB can recognize them through their PID. I have no problem control each board one of a time, but if I try to control both of them in parallel by using 2 separate threads for each device, then runtime error issues happen. I lose the board control randomly (timeout). Seem to me that I just can take control on one board at a time.


            On the app not of CyAPI, I find that if I open one device then it will call close() first if there is any open. This could be my problem since I try to open the handle for 2 devices in their thread. Thus if I open device 1 then will close then handle of device 2 if devece 2's opened --> lose the control of the device 2 control.


            I really don't know how to work around on the issue. Is there any way to get a separate handle for each device?



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                      It can be done. Please create a tech support case at Support>Technical Support>Create my case: so that one of our Engineers can help you on this.