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    Help needed



      I'm trying to create a very simple board and I need some help with people who already did this. I need a PCB board of 3.5"x2" where I can put 4 buttons at the top of the board and a slider down below. I need to be able to have proximity detection and be able to read the slider and the buttons (touch for the buttons and value for slider). (attached pdf with eagle demo board)


      If you can provide the schematic and PCB board design in Eagle and quote me a price will be great. Again, I don't want to do it myself because I don't want to go thru the entire testing and guessing, etc. so please be gentle with the quote.



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          I am quite sure your project can be made with a smaller chip than a PSoC5, PSoC3 would be enough and depending on the complexity of the software even a PSoC1 would do the job, but they are more difficult to debug (ICE).






          I'm afraid that this forum is not able to give you pricings and quotes neither for chips nor for the design of a board or the manufacturing, soldering etc. until up to the software.


          These forum here is for the help of developers to circumvent problems they have in designing and / or programming of PSoCs.


          There is a list of consultinng companies to find here at Cypress's website (at top of this page: Support->Design Partner Program). Depending on where you are located you may select some partner(s) to co-operate with.





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             Thanks for your response, Bob.