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    Programming PSoC5 with miniprog3 using 5pin connector

      Hello, i am trying to program PSoC5 CY8C5566AXI-061 on a custom made PCB using 5pin connector, with miniprog3  (active protocol: SWD). The CY8C5566AXI-061 is detected correctly in PSoC Creator. In PSoC programmer is detected as CY8C5586AXI-061. The board is powered from external source.


      Anyways, when i try to program it from PSoC Creator i get the error (same happens from  PSoC Programmer): 


      Error: dbg.M0023: There was an error while programming the device: PSoC Programmer reported error (100 - FAILED! SWD respond packet contains Failed status!)


      (I tryed to lower the clock speed but nothing changed)


      The settings from PSoC Creator are:


      Active Protocol: SWD


      Clock speed: 1.6MHz


      Power: External


      Acquire mode: Reset


      Connector: 5pin




      The settings from PSoC Programmer are:


      Programmer: MiniProg3


      Programming mode: Reset


      Auto detection: OFF


      Protocol: SWD


      Voltage: 5V


      Connector: 5p


      Clock Speed: 1.5MHz


      Device: CY8C5566AXI-061




      The pin connectios from MiniProg3 to PSOC5 (on the custom made PCB) are:


      VTARG - VDDDIO1 


      GND - GND


      XRES - XRES (on pin 15)


      SCLK - P1[1] (on pin 21)


      SDAT - P1[0] (on pin 20)


      Thanks in advance.

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