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    unknown device display in device manager

      Dear sir,


      When I connect my cy7c68013a board to PC, the device manager displayed "unknown device". 


      The configuation of cy7c68013a is as  follows:


      1.The cystal frequency is 24.5760Mhz, I use 22pf capactor connect to each pin of cystal.


      2.wakeup pin is connected to 3.3V via 10k resistor


      3.reset pin is connected to 3.3V with 10k resistor and with 10uf capacitor to GND。


      4.reserved pin is connected GND with 10k resistor


      5.SCL and SDA pulled up using 2.2k resistor


      6.BKPT is connected to GND with 1k resistor and a led


      7.EEPROM is not connected to cy7c68013a, I removed the jumper on SDA line.


      I modified the cysub.inf and tried to load the cyusb.sys manually, but an err message showed up "指定的位置不包含有关硬件的信息".


      please please help me~!