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    If i want to embeded C++/C# code to my project,  how can i do this?

      I want to call a C++/C# code which can diaplay a window during visual studio2010  performing it, and i need to emdeded the coed to my main.c program, or i can package the C++/C# code into a special function, and then call it in my main.c program.


      And i know that PSoC creator can add new assembly file, c file, c# file and so on, so if i can use #include <xxx.c / xxx.c#> to include  this code to my project, and then using function to use it,  and make the code to display a window in my project running.


      And in this window i can paint lines, and move the window's position and so on!


      Thanks for you reply!