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    RS-232/UART Hardware fix for CY8CKIT-001/030/050

      In the following Kits :




      There is a problem with Hardware Handshaking in that the CTS/RTS pins are swapped on the development kits.
      This is a hardware/PCB error on the circuit boards and can only be fixed by a wiring change.

      There are two workarounds to this problem :


      1) Don't use hardware handshaking, select software handshaking (3 wire protocol) only.

      2) Wire a DB-9 Female to DB-9 Male adaptor plug with the following pinout :


      2 -> 2
      2 -> 3
      7 -> 8
      8 -> 7


      There is also an issue in PSoC5 with clock frequency drfit at high baud rates.
      Enable the External Crystal to act as your Baud rate source for stable communications.




      Tom Moxon