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    Designer 2 Improvement


      As I am a bit older now, I have to look more frequently into different files checking for declarations, names #defines etc.


      In PSoC Creator is a worthy function: when right-clicking on a #include - directive the pop-up menu shows the option "Open Include File" which really saves a number of mouse-clicks, searching and sniffing for the requested file.


      I'd like to see this function in Creator (2.1?)



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          Ooops, this function is implemented in Designer 5, and I'd like to see it in Creator as well.


          sorry for the missed name. Is here an "edit post" function?



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            Also the younger developers are missing some navigation functions in creator 2.0...:)


            Once used to Visual Studio or Eclipse, Creator 2.0 is bit of a fall-back concerning code navigation: jumping to declarations, open header files, shortcut keys for fast select and search, context menu's etc.


            I read that the export to uVision is an option. Integration in Eclipse would be better. Anyway, programming PSoC's is a joy and I have high expectations.