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    strategy to handle the specific data size with PKTEND

              Hi, In several cases, the FX3 does not recognize the data which are sent with PKTEND=Low & SLWR=Low or ZLP in SynchronousSlaveFIFO. With FIFO size 1024 x 16bytes, I try sending 1024 x N bytes(N is integer) data as a short packet, though, the FX3 does not receive whole data as well as sending 1024 x N bytes data with ZLP. It seems that the FX3 ignores the PKTEND with 1024bytes. In addition, the size of 1024 x 16 x N bytes can be received only with Zero Length Packet. It looks OK so far. Other data size exept for 1024 x Nbytes can be received as a short packet. Do you have any solution how to handle the data size 1024 x N bytes? Regards,