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    how to use timer ISR?


      HI, everybody.


      now I am use cy7c68013 as a controler and transfer to a sampe system. I use the CPU in 68013 to control ADc. In other to sure the timing of sample, I use a timer.here in my ISR declare for timer 1:


      void Timer_RP_Interrupt() interrupt TMR1_VECT


      But, after download fireware, I found timer ISR can't work. I checked the TRM of 68013 and searched on the internet, I found the keil will ingore the interrupt TMR1_VECT becase of  #pragma NOIV, which tells keil do not generate interrupt vectors, so keil will use USBJMPTB.OBJ to indicate the entry address for usb interrupt. But in USBJMPTB.OBJ , it doesn't tell keil the entry address for timer interrput. and I don't konw how to re-code the USBJMPTB.OBJ.


      my question is :how can i use the timer and code a ISR for it. how to code the usbjmptb?


      thanks for you read. the best wishes for you!