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    PSoC® 3 / PSoC 5 USB HID Intermediate (with Keyboard and Composite Device)

      AN58726 covers the next level of Human Interface Devices (HID) USB development on PSoC 3/5 discussing OUTPUT items using a keyboard and a composite device as example projects.


      Using PSoC's full speed USB interface, this application note will take the basics of USB HID development learned in AN57473, and build upon that knowledge by teaching users how to incorporate OUTPUT items to receive information from a host device using the status LEDs on a keyboard as an example, while also sending keyboard infromation as an INPUT to type a predefined sting of text into a text editor. Users of this application note will also learn how to create a composite device by combining a numeric keypad along with a PC volume controller using a quadrature decoder into a single device with a separate interface.