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    All PSoC Designer didn't work with New Flash Player

              There is a problem with the update of New Flash Player(V11) so you could check, including the solution. 1. SVG viewer to become inoperable PSoC Designer (All versions v4 - v5.2, can not see schematics and pinout diagrams ), the Creator has no problem. Flash Player is not to update to the latest version of the Flash, As long as they are better to refrain from FLASH image. 2. Flash Player that can not revert to the previous version, at that time persons who are holding the restore point that back to the good state of Windows and Dsigner, Restore to that point, it's good idea. 3. It is confirmed, re-install of SVG viewer (v3.02) was able to work for this issue. ➡ http://www.adobe.com/svg/viewer/install/old.html (The above has been confirmed in two PC's 32bit Windows VISTA) I want to ensure compatibility by Adobe, and I'll want to Cypress, please put the installer with updated SVG viewer...