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    How to set the GPIF clock frequency (by default running @ 200Mhz)?

      Using the GPIF designer, I configured the GPIF interface as master with internal clock.
      It appears that the statemachine runs @ 200Mhz, and that the clock provided by the FX3 to the outside world is also 200Mhz.


      I tried using CyU3PDeviceInit but that doesn't change the GPIF frequency


      I tried changing the CY_U3P_GPIF_CONF_DDR_MODE field in the GPIF Configuration Register by manually changing the generated cyfxgpif2config.h file, but that doesn't help either..


      In both cases the external clock remains 200.8Mhz ...


      Q: Has anyone ideas how to change this to 100Mhz?


      (since that is the maximum frequency the interface supports...)