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    5 pin vs 10 pin programming


      On my psoc 3 prototype I am currently using a 10 pin connector with the mini prog 3 for development. For production I would prefer to use a less expensive 5 pin connector to program the boards using the 5 pin connector on the mini prog 3 rather than the 10 pin one. Will this work ok or will there be problems?

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          Yes this will certainly work. You need to have the following pin connections between PSoC and minirprog3 for that.


          P1[0] --> SWDIO


          P1[1]--> SWDCK


          VDDIO1,VDDA,VDDD -->Vtarg


          XRES --> XRES


          and Common ground.

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            Thanks, does the miniprog3 also support single wire debug through the 5 pin connector? I'm guessing that it will since it uses the same pins for programming.

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              Hi Kypparila,


              Serial Wire Debug (SWD) is supported by both the 5-pin and the 10-pin connectors available on the miniprog3. Single Wire Viewer (SWV) is supported through 10-pin connector.


              This is documented in the Miniprog3 User Guide. Here is the excerpt from the user guide:


              "MiniProg3 supports programming and debugging PSoC 3 and PSoC 5 devices, using SWD, through the 5-pin or 10-pin connector.


              The Single Wire Viewer (SWV) interface, also introduced by ARM, is used for program and data monitoring, where the firmware may output data in a method similar to “printf” debugging on PCs, using a single pin. MiniProg3 supports monitoring of PSoC 3 and PSoC 5 firmware, using SWV, through the 10-pin connector and in conjunction with SWD only."


              The user guide can be found here     www.cypress.com/?docID=29029

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                Yes,the 5pin connector will easy work.Take a note of the connections U2 mentioned.


                Also,while making the PCB,keep enough space around the connector so that you can easily insert the miniprog..Just something I had kept in mind while making my psoc designs..

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                  I have done the same mistake which kmmankad has told. Keep some space aroung the programming header. Also, if you have a reset source on your board from a source other than Miniprog, try to have a diode that isolates the connection from your Miniprog and the connection from the other reset source. You don't want random resets on your XRES pin. Also, have a pullup pn the XRES Pin.

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                    @U2 : external pullup on XRES? But its already internally pulled up,right? ..