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    Electromagnetic compatibility PSoC5- Cortex ARM-M3



      I made a pcb with PSoC5 (CY8C5566AXI-061)and wrote a simple program that increments a variable every second, and displays it on LCD. 


      I programmed the PSoC, the program works fine.


      But when i place an old soldering gun (like this http://goo.gl/6ujlt) near the microcontroller, and i repeatedly press and release the soldering gun's button, the counter displayed on lcd resets (so, i guess the microcontroller resets) or sometimes increments with 10, or changes the text position.


      The soldering gun was placed near the microcontroller at about 1-2cm. 


      I wonder if there will be any problems with this mcu being used in a industrial environement.


      Is there someone who used it in such environement?


      I tried shielding the mcu with a thin metal foil soldered to ground but nothing changed.


      What can be done to improve mcu's imunity to EMI?


      P.S. I didn't knew where to post this question in the forum, sorry if this is not the right place.