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    Very weird PSOC Creator problem

      I have been fighting for about 10 hours now with a very weird problem in Creator that I got after splitting my code.


      I wrote a function and header file to control an external DAC component. The DAC Write function is called from the initializer.c function which has a header file for the DAC function included. This should have worked as it did for other functions and header files I created.


      My code stopped working and while I was checking this with the debugger I discovered the strangest thing: all the variables in the code (visible as you put the mouse pointer over the variable during a break state) are 0!!


      If I put // in front of the function call to the DAC write the problem goes away and if I put it back it persists.


      I have exhausted all my options and seriously believe there is some fundamental flaw either in Creator or in Eclipse.


      Has somebody else seen this problem before and is there a solution for this problem?


      Any help is very much appreciated!