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    GPIO Pin 15 and SPI sample code on board BCM920737TAG


      I spent some time reviewing SPI as well as the latest TAG board referenced as BCM920737TAG. If I look at the document called "920737TAG03-HWUM100-R", page 14. I see the GPIO Pin 15 called "P15" on the BCM20737A1 being connected to VDDIO via R31. The document specifies the R31 being a 0 ohm resistor, it has also been confirmed with a measurement tool.


      At this point it is unclear why we would connect the "P15" to VDDIO directly, is it possible to clarify the intention behind this design?


      Second point, and probably the most important, is that the Spiffy2 Master sample code in WICED-Smart-Hardware-Interfaces.pdf, page 9 sets P15/PORT 0 as CS. I think we will have a problem if we run this code on the tag board. I do see a short happening here as soon as CS is going low.


      Last point I couldn't confirm the R31 resistor value via the BOM, I couldn't find it in the BOM document (ref: TAG3_Manufacturer_BOM.pdf).


      Is it possible to comment on this,