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    STK14CA8-N25I Memory disruption

      I have a table stored in part of the STK14CA8-N25I nvSRAM.  This table is stored first time at the production line at the begining of the product life.  The table is NOT supposed to be updated during the unit life cycle. Every power-up the table is being read from the memory and used by the product functionality.


      Unfortunately, in several units the table was disrupted and few bits, in random places, changes their value from '0' to '1'. (The memory nas NOT erased or "run over", just disrupted in some random bits).


      It sounds very similar to the Single Enent Upset (SEU) described in AN15979 but it occurs too much frequent.


      Have you meet  this phenomena before in nvSRAM devices ? do you have recomandations how to solve this memory disruption ?

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           Hi Ddtt,


          The soft errors such as SEU/SEL are  very common across all SRAM products and thus it affects the nvSRAM as well since nvSRAM also consists of SRAM cell.  Cypress nvSRAM also offers a special feature called Software Recall which can be utilized to do away with soft error issue. The nvSRAM stores data into NV cell during power off and recall the data into SRAM during power up. If the device is used only  for read ( as in your application) then it will always have a copy of SRAM data in the NV cell. In case if data is corrupted in SRAM cell,  software Recall can restore data back to SRAM.


          Hope this helps you.