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    PSoC Programmer update fail and changes


       Today the Cypress Update Manager on my PC told me there was an update to PSoC Programmer.


      I allowed it to do the 'update' but instead all it did was un-install my existing PSoC Programmer which left me with no programmer and with PSoC Creator unable to program devices also.


      I maually downloaded the installer from the Cypress website - but it just ran to completion without actually installing anything. It briefly showed that it was "repairing PSoC Creator".




      Anyway, I managed to get it re-installed by going to the windows control panel and removing the remnants of PSoC Programmer there and then re-running the installer which I had downloaded from the cypress site.




      However, with the latest PSoC Programmer I am now getting this error in both 'Programmer' and 'Creator 2.0'. The error reads:




      Error: dbg.M0023: There was an error while programming the device: PSoC Programmer reported error (100 - FAILED! User NVLs update failed. This operation can be completed in voltage range 1.8 - 3.3 V only.)

          I have always had my programmer set to 5.0V in the past with no problems at all and have hundreds of devices programmed this way. Is this a new requirement or some kind of bug? My device is a PSoC5 CY8C5588AXI-060.   
          My hardware design has all the VDDIO pins at 5.0V so why cannot I Program the device at 5.0V?   
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          sorry to hear that you had problems with your update of PSoC Programmer. I asked our software development team to provide an answer to your question.



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            I tried reproducing the steps as mentioned in your original post; uninstalling the programmer and reinstalling with the latest available on the web (http://www.cypress.com/?rID=38050&source=header ) PSoC Programmer and I had no trouble in programming with 5v. 


            One option would be to change the silicon  and retry.


            Also, can you more provide info on the programmer settings that you used?





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              Hi Spiderkenny,


              After some investigation here is the official answer:


              If you check any of the PSoC 5 family datasheets, you will find 2 references to the voltage requirements for programming the NVLs or also called WOL write only latches.


              Chapter 9.7 about device security limits the voltage to Vddd <= 3.3V and a temp range of 10C-40C.


              Chapter 11.7.4 is just one table which specifies 2.7V Vdddmin and 3.3V Vddd max for writing to the WOLs


              I hope this clarifies why the programmer issues this error message.



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                 Thanks for the reply.


                As far as I know I am not programming any of the WOL or NVLs


                I had checked the PSoC 5 Programming Specifications manual (Document #: 001-64359 Rev. *E) which stated this:


                The WO NVL programming is an optional step and is required only for applications that require the Device Security feature to be enabled. This step can be ignored for normal programming.


                I have made no changes to my project, and have not enabled the device security features, so I'm not sure where this is coming from.

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                  I ran into the exact same problem. Need support as soon as possible.




                  In use: PSoC DevKit001 with PSoC 5 Module, 5V supply


                  Programmer parameters: Mode Reset, Verification on, Auto detection on, Connector 10p, Clock speed 1.6MHz


                  Programmer characteristics: Protocoll JTAG, Voltage 5.0V


                  Programmer output:



                  Program Finished at 14:50:21

                  FAILED! User NVLs update failed. This operation can be completed in voltage range 1.8 - 3.3 V only.

                  Erase Succeeded
                  WARNING!--->Debug mode enabled, this should be turned off from PSoC Creator before production. In debug mode, flash security settings are not programmed, so all rows are unprotected.
                  Device set to CY8C5588AXI-060 at 14:50:20262144 FLASH bytes
                  Device Family set to CY8C55xx at 14:50:20

                  Automatically Detected Device: CY8C5588AXI-060
                  Program Requested at 14:50:19
                  Successfully Connected to MiniProg3/1014DD000476 at 14:50:15MiniProg3 version 2.05 [3.08/2.04]
                  Opening Port at 14:50:14 




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                    Sorry for my impatience.. i found the answer i need here:


                    Re: Programming my PSOC5 no longer possible with latest Programmer?

                    vvsk posted on 23 Mar 2012 01:50 AM PST
                    Cypress Employee
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                    Hi Abhijit,

                    It was found that the endurance of the user NVL's in PSoC 5 silicon had a dependency on the device operating voltage and the desired voltage range was found to be 1.8 - 3.3 V. So the decision was made that in the production silicon of the PSOC 5 devices, we would not do programming of the user NVL's and have them at the default set of values. All the new PSOC 5 samples have the default nvl settings as we wanted to. But the devices already out on the field with customers might have a different NVL setting than the default setting. So PSOC programmer tries to restore the values to the default value while programming these devices the first time. And for this one time programming, it expects the 1.8-3.3 V operating voltage. But once you have programmed with the default values, the next tries of programming will not need a NVL  programming and hence there is no need for the 3.3V restriction.

                    The bottomlime is,

                    Existing PSOC 5 samples (with ES1 marking on them) already in use by customers will require a 3.3 V programming once to restore th NVL's to the default value in case they have different values.

                    Production PSoC 5 samples (no ES1 marking on them) have no restriction on the Vddd voltage during programming as they already have the correct default values.

                    None of the PSoC 3 samples (new or old) have NVL programming limitations. They support NVL programming across all device operating voltages.




                    my problem though: i need a 3.3V source, cause the one i have on devkit is not operational.