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    Connection Event Callback API

      Hi Broadcom Wiced Folks,


      In this thread Arvind mentioned an optional API that provides a callback right before or right after the connection event:

      Re: How best to implement bulk data transport


      Is the "optional API available with SDK 2.0" the bt_clock_based_periodic_timer library? 


      Specifically Wiced-Smart/tier2/brcm/libraries/lib/20737/bt_clock_based_periodic_timer.a. 

      From the ibeacon examples, I think I see how to include that library in my project (by adding it to APP_PATCHES_AND_LIBS in the makefile), and the bt_clock_based_timer.h has plenty of helpful comments on how to use this API.


      --Blake Setlow.

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          Actually, I'm starting to wonder if this "optional API" is actually the application_poll_notification.a file.  But I can't find the appropriate .h file to include for the declarations of:





          Some direction on how to proceed with this would be helpful.


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            Yes it is application_poll_notification.a.


            /// Enable the connection event notification notification mechanism. Needs to be done once in the

            /// app_create function.

            void blecm_connectionEventNotifiationInit(void);


            /// Register for notifications from the baseband of upcoming TX opportunities.

            /// \param clientCallback - the callback to be invoked

            /// \param clientContext The context (the UINT32 parameter to clientCallback) that must be passed

            ///                                 back to the callback.

            /// \param offset Number of BT slots before/after the TX opportunity to call the callback. When negative,

            ///                    callback will be invoked before TX and when positive, callback will be invoked after the TX.

            ///                    This has to be an even number of slots (multiples of 1.25mS).

            /// \param defaultPeriod When not connected, period of the callback in BT slots. Has to be an even number

            ///                     of slots. Don't set this to under ~5mS (8 slots).

            /// \param connHandle - the connection handle of the connection for which we need the notifications.

            void blecm_connectionEventNotifiationEnable(void (*clientCallback)(void*, UINT32), UINT32 clientContext, INT16 offset,

                    UINT16 defaultPeriod, UINT32 connHandle);


            /// Stop the connection event notification.

            void blecm_connectionEventNotifiationDisable(void);



            Here is some pseudo-code:


            void app_create(void)


                // All other app initialization.


                // Initialize the connection event notification mechanism.




            void app_connection_up(void)


                // All other connection up activity.


                // Set callback to app_conn_event_callback, no context needed, 5mS before TX, default = 30mS interval for the current connection.

                blecm_connectionEventNotifiationEnable(app_conn_event_callback, NULL, -5000/625, 30000/625, emconinfo_getConnHandle());



            void app_conn_down(void)


                // Stop connection event notifications.



                // All other connection down activity.




            void app_conn_event_callback(void* context, UINT32 unused)


                 // TX coming up in ~5mS from now.


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              Sorry if this is a stupid question, but why use "-5000/625" for 5mS? By my calculations:


              -5000/625 = 8 frames

              8 * 1.25mS = 10mS


              Am I missing something?

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                The parameter is in BT slots which is 625uS each. The parameter also needs to be an even number so it is always at a frame boundary. So for 5ms, the parameter has to be 8 (which is an even number of BT slots).

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