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    psoc designer interconnect view error


      I'am getting this error, while attempting to open a project in recent psoc designer 5.2 SP1.


      Using windows 7 64bit. Error message says about resinstalling Adobe SVG Viewer. It does't solve the problem.


      Now from what I've found, there is internet explorer 8 in system requirements of psoc designer (min 7 version)




      I'm using modified version of windows 7, with removed internet explorer entirely, and it is not possible to install it (since it was removed in the process of creating system instalation files, as system is meant to be used with other browser).


      Is there a way to run psoc designer on windows operating system without internet explorer installed? Or maybe there is a compontent that is missing, that can be installed separately, in order to make psoc designer to work, without installing entire internet explorer.