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    Two Quick Questions about FX3 Slave FIFO

      1) What is the EPSWITCH pin for?  It is in the GPIF interface description, but I cannot find any documentation of what it does.


      2) If I made a new Slave FIFO specification, using the GPIF II Designer, by building off of one of the provided Cypress Slave FIFO interfaces, can I simply switch out the generated header file with the header in the cyfxsyncslfifo example and have it immediately work?


      In short, can the SDK examples be treated as a framework, with which you can simply switch out a new GPIF header?


      (Obviously, you would need to declare any new pins as outputs / inputs, make sure the directions are right, etc., - I'm more referring to the CyFX function calls that setup the GPIF state machine from within the firmware).