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    Impact between 'blecm_startScan' and 'blecm_CreateConnection'



        While doing scanning and creating connection at the same time, how does the scan interval and window behave while calling blecm_startScan and blecm_CreateConnection in the same period (not in sequence order).


        Shall I use the same interval/window for these 2 function calls? What's the result of different interval/window that applied to these 2 functions?

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          My apologies for the delayed response.


          I spoke to the developers about your question and they said that the functions are the same in terms of looking for advertisements.


          The difference is that if your application asks to create a connection, the stack will not send an advertisement report to the application, but will instead try to create the connection instead.


          It does not seem logical to attempt to use both functions at the same time and they believe the latter will override the previous call.