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    Using PSoC Miniprog to Read from a CY7C63801-SXC Controller


      Can anyone help me to read data?


      I need to read the data/ code stored on a CY7C63801-SXC enCoRe II Low Speed USB Peripheral Controller. I have a CY3210 Miniprog 1 Kit which I'm hoping to use to do this. Using the supplied hardware and the PSoC Programmer software I managed to read from the example device in the kit, a CY8C27443-24PXI but the pin names are different on the IC I want to connect to. I plan to power up the IC on its own then connect the ground, XRES, SCLK and SDATA to the right pins of the IC to upload the code.


      This is the problem when uploading code on the CY8C27443-24PXI the PSoC connects:
      XRES to (19) Xres
      SCLK to (13) Xin/Sclk/P11
      SDATA to (15) Xout/Sdata/P10

      The CY7C63801-SXC doesn't have those pin names, so I'm not sure where to connect XRES and SDATA, we have:
      TIO1/P0.6 (1)            P1.6/MISO (16)
      TIO0/P0.5 (2)            P1.5/MOSI (15)
      INT2/P0.4 (3)            P1.4/SCLK (14)
      INT1/P0.3 (4)            P1.3/SSEL (13)
      INT0/P0.2 (5)            P1.2 (12)
      P0.1 (6)                    Vcc (11)
      P0.0 (7)                    P1.1/D-
      Vss (8)                     P1.0/D+

      I'm really new to this type of work and I'm hoping I can do this with this hardware. Incidentally I have permission to do this and I am not stealing or copying code.


      Thank you.