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    Slave FIFO Flag works as "almost full"



      I would like to set up the slave fifo FLAGB so that it shows "almost full". You mentioned that we have to use CyU3PGpifSocketConfigure() function. I have some questions regarding this function and its application:


      1. In the summary of the function, it mentioned that


      "This function allows the user to select and configure the active socket in the case
         where software is responsible for these actions. The API will respond with an error
         if the hardware is taking care of socket configurations."


      What does it mean "software" or "hardware"?


      2. What number should I write for watermark if I want to support both USB2.0 and USB3.0. In other words, should I write 511 or 1023 to make the flag works as "Almost Full"?


      3. What I should write instead of the burst? I would appreciate it if you could be specific and refer me to a number which I can find in the slave fifo project (*.c or *.h file).