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    Missing user modules in Designer 5.0 and 5.1... (DMX512Rx)



      I am using both this...


      Service Pack 5.5 - Build 985 - Jul 24, 2009


      and this...


      PD5.1 (Beta2)- Build 1657 - 08-June-2010.12:28:44


      Neither one of them has the DMX512Rx user module available in the "Digital Comm" section of the user module library.  Both versions have CRC16 and then EzI2Cs, but skip the DMX512Rx UM.  I looked around for a way to "update user modules", but couldnt find anything.  I also searched Cypress's site for "missing user modules" and "updating user modules", but found nothing.


      Thank you!






      Steve French



      President, Volt Vision