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    FX3 code size

      How can I tell how large my program is?  I'm afraid that my EEPROM may be too small.

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          The code size is printed out at the end of the build process in the eclipse console window.

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            The size of the ELF file is listed at the bottom of the Eclipse window.  I need the IMG in order to size the EEPROM.


            If the size at the bottom of the Eclipse window after a build, then the EEPROM on the FX3 development board is not big enough to hold any of the Cypress sample code I've built.  All the sample code should fit, right?

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              the size which is printed by utility arm-none-eabi-size is only the section sizes of the .elf-file, means text-, data- and bss-section. This is the same size the .img-file (which contains only  these sections) has plus some header- and length-information bytes which are special to the .img-format!