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    Hello Client reconnection problem

      In WICED SDK 2.0.1,  I use hello_client as application.

      I believe that connection event is done by hello_client_interrupt_handler().

      Without triggering connection through button or interrupt, I'd like to make it connected.

      I put following 2 lines at the end of hello_client_create() .


      bleprofile_Discoverablew(NO_DISCOVERABLES, NULL);



      but the connection has not done when hello_client_create() ends.

      After 2min 30sec about, conn up happened.


      How can I put the board into connected status without button or interrupt event?

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          Is any device advertising?


          > but the connection has not done when hello_client_create() ends.

          blecen_Scan() will only start scanning for advertisements. If there are no other devices advertising what the hello_client app expects, then you won't get into a connection.

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            I tested 2 cases at the same condition.


            1. Peripheral - hello sensor without change of hello_sensor_cfg.

            2. Central

                 A. blecen_scan() at the end of hello_client_create()

                 B. blecen_scan() at the button interrupt.


            I reset peripheral and central at the same time.

            A took 30 sec until pairing.

            B took 5 sec until pairing (I set the button press duration as 1sec).


            I can not understand why scan does not happen in a short time at A case.

            One more thing what I'd like to ask is that blecen_scan() in blecen.c is the right function used for paring ?

            I put trace0 in the blecen_scan(), but message did not display.


            Thank you.

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              Hi, eyan


              To connect without any interrupt, please change hello_client_create() as follows and then do test.

              You don't need to change anything else.


              void hello_client_create(void)





              #if 0   // for test

                  // we will not do scan until user pushes the button for 5 seconds







              Connection between hello_client and hello_sensor were always successful after booting up.

              If you still have some problem, let me know with debug message.




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