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    Eclipse: Which plug-ins needed, what else, how to build?

      I already have an existing installation (which i want to keep), therefore i think i cannot install eclipse package offered for FX3.


      Can someone tell me which additional plug-ins / tools i need for building firmware files in eclipse?


      What i found so far:


      - genmakebuilder


      - ScannerConfigBuilder


      But where do i get them?


      The second problem: How to compile a firmware file in eclipse? I often have seen a note that this is described


      in chapter 11 or so, but where do i find this chapter 11?


      What i have done so far: File->Import, General->Existing Projects into workspace->Next and select path of .project as root directory. Then Project->BuildProject. But nothing happens...Are my steps correct?


      Where do i configure the path of the ARM compiler? Or must it be at a fixed location?