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    Programming a general PSoC3/5 DIP device

       hi ,


        can any body help me regarding programming a PSoC 3/5 device using Miniprog 3. specifically i have the following queries.


      >The JTAG port pinout on the miniprog lists some 6 pin names what are the corresponding pin numbers/pins on the PSoC IC?


      for example the pinout of a PSoC 5 IC given in this document http://www.cypress.com/?docID=31913


      does not show the names except Vddio for VTARG as given in the 10 pin connector pinout in this page http://www.cypress.com/?docID=31913  .




      >Is there any board supplied by cypress for PSoC3/5 similar to the MiniEval board for the PSoC 1 devices, so that i can connect the miniprog3 JTAG connector to that board to program any DIP packaged ICs?