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    SlaveFifoSync Mode,Flag A always be asserted when the data quantity is about 17MB/s


       I use the FX3 in SlaveFifoSync Mode to transfer data from FPGA to PC. The PC End software is the "Streamer" Demo in SDK1.0.


      I set the parameters as follow:



          Burst length = 0x0F; Buffer size = 16K; Buffer count = 8.   



      When the data send by FPGA is about 17MB/s,


      I think the USB transfer speed is quickly enough, the Flag A(indicate buffer full) would not be asserted, but actually I found the Flag A is sometimes be asserted, It indicated the DMA buffer is full which it would be not! 


      What are the possible reasons? Is that the "Streamer" read too slow? But when I use the "Bulksourcesink" Demo to test the USB speed, It can reach 320MB/s.