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    problem about data transfer in cy control centre



       As you know, in control centre if you want recieve data from USB3.0 port, you must click the button.  now I change the Function DataXferBtn_Click to a thread including a loop so that I can recieve data persistently. but after I recieve 18 times(1024byte a time) it occurs recv timeout and error code is 997. If the thread sleep sometime (eg 50ms) it can work normally.


      but the project can work if the USB port is 2.0 version and the thread does not need sleep


      And my hardware colleague confirm that there are always data in USB3.0 bord. So my problem is that why the thread need sleep sometime so that it can work?




      The datarate of hardware is 1.89Gbps and the purpose of the project is to confirm that whether the data rate of USB 3.0 can reach 1.89Gbps. So the sleep of the threadabove is not permited.




      thank you!