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    PSoC5 fitting problems on PSoC Creator 2.0

      Hi everyone,


      I've developed a project for a PSoC5 device using PSoC Creator 1.0 and after I tryed to design the same project using PSoC Creator 2.


      With PSoC creator 1.0 all the hardware resources was correctly fitted into the device, while PSoC Creator 2 gives an error message in which says that there are insufficient UDB for the fitting.


      Among the other components present in the project there is also an UART block, configured as simple UART.


      In PSoC Creator 2 if I remove this block the fitting procedure is completed succesfully.


      In the .rpt file the resources available are enough to introduce an UART configured as simple UART but introducing it the fitting procedure goes fail.


      If I try to introduce the UART block configured as half-duplex usart, the fitting is succesfully completed.


      What can be the problem ?


      Is this problem due to the different implementation of the USART block in both versions?


      There are resources permanently allocated to the EMIF block even if this is not used ?




      Thanks in advance