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    The difference between 20732, 20736 and 20737?

      Hi Sirs,

      I'm new for WICED Smart developer and want to ask a stupid question.

      I check the datasheet of 20732, 736 and 737.

      The block diagram, pin definitions and I could not tell what's the difference in the hardware point of view?


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          Hi Sir,


          I think I should narrow down the question. Here is my comparisons from the datasheet page one.


          The BCM20736 vs BCM20732

          - BCM20736 has Alliance for Wireless Power(A4WP) wireless charging

          - BCM20736 has Automation Profile and support for Secure OTA.


          The BCM20737 vs BCM20736

          - BCM20737 support for RSA encryption/decryption and key exchange mechanisms (up to 4 kbit)

          - BCM20737 support for X.509 certificate exchange

          - BCM20737 support for NFC tag-based “tap-to-pair"

          - BCM20737 support for Bluetooth Smart Based Audio


          Summary of my question.

          The difference between them are hardware differences or software stack differences? Because I can't not tell from the hardware block diagram of it.


          For example, the security of the BCM20737 is hardware cryto engine or just by different software stack library?


          If any differences lack in the above, can you add the comments on it?

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            From a HW perspective, the 20732S, 20736S and 20737S are identical.


            The 20732S uses A0 firmware, which is quite a bit different from the A1 firmware used on the 20736S and 20737S.


            20732S - Base Part

            20736S - Adds Wireless Charging and Simultaneous Master/Slave to the 20732S

            20737S - Adds RSA, NFC Bridging, BLE Audio and Mesh Networking to the 20736S

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